About Us

Think Zim is a response to the recent calls for ideas on how it might be possible to rebuild Zimbabwe following the decades of corruption and mis-managment. Our purpose is to educate as well as open-source our ideas on free markets and economic policy, and to cause the debate.

Our contributing members are drawn from a variety professional backgrounds both in the public and private sectors, in Zimbabwe and internationally, this diversity of experience means that we are less likely to look at conventional economic wisdoms and their applications but rather focus on more radical solutions as Zimbabwe is in uncharted territory.

As a primarily economic think tank we are apolitical but we will engage political issues as required. We are willing to work with Zimbabwean policymakers, politicians and individuals of all colours and stripes to deliver real transformative ideas that will make resuscitating Zimbabwe as a functional state a reality.

If you want to get in touch drop us an email