Chamisa the 35 Promises and They Do Thega

…Promises can be made to lull the heart and seduce the soul. In the final analysis, words mean nothing… The wisest man is the silent one. Examine his actions. Judge him by them.

The MDC Alliance led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa took their campaign trail to the Gadzema Grounds in Chinhoyi on Sunday 4th March 2018, where much was promised.

The MDC-A leader promised much, making this many pledges shows a lack of foresight and pragmatism. Some of the pledges were certainly bordering on the realms of wishful thinking. Perhaps it was naivety, but in this post, we have decided to comment on each promise that was made.

Before addressing the MDC-A’s salad bowl of promises we have commented on where we see the real issues with Zimbabwe. At ThinkZim we believe that Zimbabwe has only 5 main issues that require resolution:


Telecoms / Internet
Improves the lives of the citizenry and allows business to flourish
Improves knowledge transfer and industry across the country
AGRICULTURE / MININGFood & mineral production
Source of foreign revenue
HEALTHHospital and clinic facilities
Drug manufacturing
Healthy population, productive population
Educated population, innovative population


MDC- Alliance President Nelson Chamisa – 35 Election Promises

1. The immediate banning of the Bond Note within 90 days

  • Does this mean we only use the USD or the ZAR:
  • What happens to those who are unable to convert their existing Bond into USD, given the cash shortages in the country?

2. Maximum 15 ministers

  • What is the structure of your shadow cabinet, MDC must publish their shadow cabinet?
  • Are all the members of the shadow cabinet, if they exist, career politicians or are they technocrats, with the necessary managerial skills and background to effectively perform these roles?

3. Compensation of those who lost their pensions and Zim-Dollar balances

  • Has this been costed and what kind of figures is MDC looking at?
  • Further what inflationary rate is being proposed. Based on what?
  • Where is the money coming from to pay the compensation?
  • What about for families where the pension holder has died?

4. Creation of a Sovereign Wealth Fund – A sovereign wealth fund (SWF) consists of pools of money derived from a country’s reserves, set aside for investment purposes to benefit the country’s economy and citizens.

  • Where is the money for the reserve coming from?

5. Development of world-class infrastructure (Roads, waterworks, Sewage, Bullet trains)

  • To develop world-class infrastructure the basic utilities need to be in and working where is the plan to develop that?
  • Where is the blueprint, as this is about Zimbabwe, not the MDC, therefore should be shared.

6. Focus on productivity

  • The basic infrastructure and frameworks for trade are currently dysfunctional, so how does productivity get jump-started when it appears as if MDC does not appear to have a grasp of the basics that are required to kickstart the economy?

7. Focus on domestic tourism

  • If the fundamentals of productivity are not addressed how does the Zimbabwean domestic tourist have funds to participate as a consumer in the domestic tourist industry?

8. Development of the services industry

  • The success of the service industry is predicated on the agricultural, mining and manufacturing industries, where is the MDC plan to resusitate these sectors first?

9. Beneficiation of minerals

  • This can only be realised when the government those basic utilities back to 100% availability

10. New commander of the defence forces

  • N/A

11. Protection of traffic offences prosecution by camera on the roads

  • Is this not a local government issue?
  • Traffic enforcement systems should not be dictated by central government

12. Regular allowances for traditional leaders

  • Traditional leaders need to made accountable to their constituents
  • This role should be salaried like any other
  • No free seats in parliament

13. Improved working conditions for teachers

  • What is special about teachers?
  • All civil servant working conditions should be uplifted.

14. Improved transport for police officers

  • The police should be put under the jurisdiction of local councils.
  • Vehicles should be procured and managed by local councils.

15. Transparent Land Audit and allocation of title

  • Remove race and ethnic origin from the equation.
  • If you have an ID card then one should qualify.

16. From Command Agriculture to Smart Agriculture

  • What does this mean in practice??

17. The opening of new international markets for agricultural produce

  • This is not a function of government, this is a function of business. There are many precedents that governments are the worst business operators

18. Election reforms – No to Nikuv

  • Agree

19. Stiff penalties for corruption ( 30 years and above)

  • Show us MDC-A does not tolerate corruption or nepotism before you are in government.
  • How transparent are MDC structures?
  • Does MDC-A perform regular lifestyle?

20. President accountable to Parliament

  • Strictly enforce the constitution.
  • Move away from leadership of cult and personality.

21. 65 years limit of civil Sservice, then retirement

  • Enforcement of existing statutory instruments

22. New culture of governance. No more political food distribution.

  • Show us MDC-A does not tolerate corruption or nepotism before you are in government.
  • How transparent are MDC structures?
  • Does MDC-A perform regular lifestyle?
  • Food distribution should be given to NGO’s and not be a governmental or party responsibility or activity.

23. An end to nepotism

  • Show us MDC-A does not tolerate corruption or nepotism before you are in government.
  • How transparent are MDC structures?
  • Does MDC-A perform regular lifestyle?

24. Civil servants salaries to be improved

  • Central government needs to be audited
  • Central government needs to lean.
  • Has this been costed?
  • Where are the funds coming from?

25. No more bank queues within 14 days, not 90 days

  • Most of the bank queues are about access to cash, so does MDC have a plan to get cash into the system?
  • What is that plan and how will MDC ensure that the funds circulate in the economy?

26. From indigenisation to localisation

  • Remove race and ethnic origin from the equation.
  • If you have an ID card then one should qualify.

27. New District Planners to drive rural development

  • Is this not tied to the land redistribution programme?

28. Introduction of a Solar Regime

  • What does this mean?

29. $14,9 to be raised for infrastructure rehabilitation

  • Could MDC clarify which infrastructure?

30. Exploitation of 60 minerals ( Methan and Natural gas included)

  • Should this not be part of a properly formulated mining strategy without mortgaging our country?

31. From vendors to entrepreneurs

  • Vendors are already entrepreneurs governments role should be to create an environemnt in which businesses can grow.

32. Creation of Millionaires

  • We had this with the Zim-dollars.
  • The government can not mandate as part of its goals to create millionaires.
  • Zimbabwe government is responsible for creating an environment for sustainable business, not millionaires.

33. Improve access to public spaces for the disabled

  • Agreed

34. Compensation of War Veterans

  • Has this been costed?
  • Where are these funds coming from?
  • This is what contributed to the collapsing of the Zimbabwean economy

35. Bilateral arrangements for excess capacity skills

  • Right now Zimbabwe needs all hand at the pump so what skills do you wish to trade away?


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