Your Country Not Working Properly? Blame Sanctions…

Your Country Not Working Properly?  Blame Sanctions…

Zimbabwe has been destroyed by sanctions imposed by the US, Britain and the EU…”

Our infrastructure and healthcare are in the state they are in because of sanctions…”

These refrains are familiar to anyone who has lived in or followed news about Zimbabwe. If a Zimbabwean politician does not have an excuse to hand that will deflect responsibility for failure to perform his job, from himself, his party or the party leadership then sanctions are the goto excuse.

Fortunately, those who have imposed sanctions on “Zimbabwe”  are also in the habit of publishing what the scope of the sanctions are, and who and what is impacted by the imposed penalties.

With a little bit of research, we have provided you with a consolidated view of who has imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe and what is the scope of the sanctions.

There are a couple of things to note about the sanctions:

Firstly as at 31/Oct/2017 no nation-state or international body has imposed sanctions that affect the ability of the nation of Zimbabwe to run its socio-economic affairs. All effective sanctions are targetted at specific individuals and entities, as of today less than 100. The sanctions are also predominantly financial in nature.

Secondly, the UK and EU have an explicit embargo banning the sale of arms and weapons to Zimbabwe

Lastly, it should be noted that the sanctions which have been in place since 2002 are under constant review, and the number of entities and individuals on the various lists have been reducing.

US - Office of Foreign Assets Control42 Entities
24 Individuals
US - Treasury Sanctions Brochures
Interpretive Guidance
UK - HM Treasury1 Entity
2 Individuals
UK - Department for International TradeAn arms embargo is in force in Zimbabwe, imposed by the United Nations (UN) and implemented in UK law
European Union1 Entity
2 Individuals
An arms embargo is in force
European UnionPosition Statement
United NationsNo sanctions against Zimbabwe as a nation

It is incumbent on all citizens of Zimbabwe to understand the nature of the sanctions imposed on our country to ensure that the personal circumstances of our leaders are not used as an unchallenged excuse for failure to perform.

Any political leader in Zimbabwe who mentions sanctions as a reason for the economic collapse and are not personally identified on any of the sanction lists is either ignorant or willfully deceitful.

Some political leaders who are on the sanctions list describe them as if the whole country is subject to those penalties. These people are prepared to exploit their constituents for their own personal gain.

Constituents who do not familiarise themselves directly with what these sanctions mean do themselves and our nation a disservice. Their ignorance only serves to allow them to be manipulated by the political players.