OPINION: To Unpick the Conundrum that is the Nkosana Moyo Candidacy

OPINION: To Unpick the Conundrum that is the Nkosana Moyo Candidacy

Nkosana MoyoThat he is the most technically astute and economically literate candidate that we have had the luxury of considering for the highest office in our benighted country is without doubt. He has excelled in academia and has distinguished himself in commerce and by natural progression he has put himself up for political office. This is in my opinion, not only the most natural thing to happen but has happened in the right order; which in my humble opinion makes him the most suitable candidate to occupy that seat of power that he seeks.

However I am not as politically naive as to think that by merely being supremely qualified he will necessarily win. As you will all acknowledge politics has been since time immemorial and will be long into the future: a numbers game? It is not about the quality of the vote, it’s about the quantity. So Nkosana as lovely and photogenic as he may be he just does not have the numbers and this is where the real nub of the story lies. The urban vote alone will not give him the keys to State House, no matter how well run his campaign maybe. He simply lacks that brand recognition of a Morgan Tsvangirai, which will be necessary to carry the rural vote.

That he may have clout and appeal in Western board rooms and may even fill the Chatham House reception room with the best and the brightest of the western capitals is a far cry from convincing my poor old grandmother in Dotito and Chendambuya to cast her vote for him. I return to the theme of the quality of the vote. Unfortunately for Nkosana my vote as a highly literate university educated Zimbabwean counts exactly the same as that of the uneducated youth who is touting at the Commuter Omnibus Rank, the rank Marshall or Hwindi!! It counts the same as my poor grandmother mentioned above. Thus a strategy to get Nkosana into Munhumutapa building that does not address this issue is naive in the extreme and politically reckless. Appealing to the urban elite is akin to preaching to the choir. I, WE are his natural constituency but we alone cannot carry him to State House on our shoulders alone. Even if we vote in unprecedented numbers it is a mathematical improbability. A language I know he understands. So my question is how does he, or indeed the APA, bridge this seemingly insurmountable challenge. Accepting that the timing of announcing your candidacy was not the most propitious!

Well the next bit maybe unpalatable to you but it needs to be said. The notion that Nkosana as a person or indeed APA as an organisation are morally above forming a working coalition with Morgan Tsvangirai is to my mind politically naive in the extreme! What Zimbabwe needs now is a coming together of ALL progressive forces with the common purpose of wresting power from whence it resides. The time for indulging our differing political ideologies (no matter how strongly held they maybe) will come later. That Morgan has brand loyalty and the numbers to get the job done in my mind is indisputable. We can argue and differ about his credentials as a “true democrat,” by whatever measure, but his popularity and ability to mobilise the very support base Nkosana lacks is again indisputable. In my mind this makes a political coalition between Nkosana and Morgan not only convenient but an absolute necessity. The other indisputable truth is that ZANU PF is the most effective MAFIA-like organisation in the political history of our country. They do not and never have played fair or by the rules. So expecting them to play by different rules because it is Nkosana Moyo in their political crosshairs again smacks of political immaturity. You need to understand your enemy in-order to defeat him. I do not get that sense in all the discourse I have followed thus far by the APA leader.

ZANU PF has the levers of patronage and the ability to “buy the rural vote as they have done for years,” but even with that machinery behind them MDC were able to mobilise enough of the rural vote to shake them to their very core in 2008, that deserves respect and that experience should be embraced and not dismissed off the cuff!

So by all means travel and meet the international political players and introduce yourself to those who may not yet recognise who you are but remember, they do not vote. It is I and my grandmother and my cousin the Rank Marshall at Fourth Street Commuter omnibus rank, who will determine the occupant of that hallowed piece of Harare real estate known as No.1 Chancellor Avenue.

For the record I would love to see you and your family walk through its doors and take up residency there. But the current state of the discourse in the APA does not engender confidence in me that this will happen. Zimbabwe is not ready for a Macron, our democracy is not mature enough for that. We need a cross between a Trump and an Obama if you like. Politics is as much about people’s minds as it is about their hearts. On the latter score Morgan has much to impart, whatever you may think of his democratic credentials. I have no doubt that these thoughts have exercised your mind, now is the time to have not only the courage of your convictions but to marry these with some street smarts!!!

I wish you well and you have my vote………of confidence. As for my physical vote, I reserve the right to continue to consider my options!!!

Please do not squander the political capital your resignation from The Mugabe government in 2001 accrued to you, by being inept and politically naive at this crucial hour in the history of our country. Your platform is based on unification……well here is the real challenge to live what you preach!!

A Patriotic Zimbabwean