10 Questions For All of Zimbabwe’s Opposition

10 Questions For All of Zimbabwe’s Opposition

This post is a follow up to our previous post, this time however we pose our questions directly at Zimbabwe’s opposition parties. The purpose is for the Opposition parties to communicate to us the citizenry exactly what they are about. We the 2018 voters we believe we need to know.


Our position is very simple, there is no nutritional value in slogans and promises. Only strategies and solutions with the possibility of tangible result that can be executed can give us full bellies.


As a political party what do you stand for:

  • What are your policies and are they published – can anyone query and feedback
  • How will you achieve your objectives and what is your strategy


When your party comes to power how will you ensure the separation of powers between your party and the government (civil services) 


What is your party doing to eliminate the politics of personality

  • Do you have a published party structure with named individuals and identifiable portfolio’s
  • How does your party prevent the leadership refusing to cede power to the next generation


How robust is your own party constitution

  • What checks and balances do you have to control your party leadership
  • What disciplinary processes and procedures do you have and who oversees there application


How do you intend to tackle corruption

  • Within your government (if you come to power) and party
  • How do you intend to prevent your party members from being compromised


What is your strategy for winning seats in the 2018 election 

  • In rural areas
  • In urban areas
  • How do you intend to include and use the diaspora vote in your campaign


Is your party involved in any social improvement programmes in the run-up to the 2018 general election for example, pop-up clinics, drought relief, street cleaning, personal development workshops


Do you have a strategy for how the day after victory you will begin to transform Zimbabwe into a more equitable and democratic state

  • Is your strategy open for public consideration and debate – if so how is that done


As an opposition party what do you have to offer a post ZANU(PF) Zimbabwe that distinguishes you and your party from what has gone before


With so many Opposition parties it is likely that no one party will get a sufficient majority (+50%) to form a government on their own, what is your party’s strategy to prevent such an event